WOW Air Airbus A330-300

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Alright so this is the updated version of this topic since we now have the reworked A333. This will give me the opportunity to talk more about this livery and my personal take as we will be getting more liveries added to various aircrafts in the sim. A couple of dupilicate topics were closed due to them being two or three years old.

WOW Air as we all know is a defunct low-cost airline in Iceland founded in 2011 by Skuli Mongensen. It was in operations between 2012 and 2019 and flew into destinations in Europe, Asia and the US. March of 2019 it filed for bankruptcy due to fuel costs which lead to the decease of the airline and them having to cease operations entirely.

The A330 however was added to the fleet back in June of 2016 and flew to destinations such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Miami. It can also be flown around Europe.

My Thoughts
Personally, I think this should’ve been in the 21.4 update. I feel like this livery has been forgotten about within the community. I get their reasoning to why didn’t add more but it’s still strange to me seeing it removed after putting in effort to support this livery having it being added to the sim for 2 years. The only WOW Air aircraft we currently have is the Airbus A320 which isn’t enough. Having the livery on the A333 could definitely open up more routes especially when we have SFO, LAX and other countries in Europe with 3D Buildings, no matter if it’s retired and it also saves us from using the generic livery at the time.

The Livery
The livery looks nice and distinctive in purple on mostly the fuselage, engines, winglets, flap track fairings and the tail. I like that the livery screams WOW one fuselage with the silhoutte cartoon of the plane to make “O” cut out. Either way there isn’t really much to talk about since most of the detail in on the A320 already.

If you guys have any thoughts about it, please put it down in the comments below!

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Definitely miss this livery!

Yooo bring this back please!

WOW! has this livery been forsaken

Darrin Laing Aviation: WOW Air A330 TF-GAY seen at Los Angeles in 2018. WOW Air, was an Icelandic ultra low-cost carrier operating between 2012 and 2019. The airline was headquartered in Reykjavík and based at Keflavík International Airport. It flew between Iceland and the rest of Europe and North America, and also flew to India as part of a wider plan to expand in Asia. The airline abruptly ceased operations on 28 March 2019, when its operating company WOW Air went out of business. The airline’s assets were acquired by United States based holding company USAerospace Associates, which announced in 2019 and 2020 that it intended to relaunch the airline under the same brand (though as of 2023 this had not happened).

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