WOW Air adds new routes from Iceland and the U.S.

Iceland based airline, WOW Air will start new Non-Stop routes from St.Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Detroit to Iceland.

Detroit will start its nonstop flights to Iceland on the 26 of April next year, Cleveland will start on the 4th of May, Cincinnati will get their new route on the 10th of May, and St.Louis will get their new route on the 17th of May. (All next year)

My Opinion: I am unbelievably happy that WOW Air has decided start non-stop flights to The Midwest in the U.S, and can not to see what they think of the “Great Midwest”!


St. Louis to Iceland for $99? How is that low a fare even possible?


I’m quite surprised that the airline is interested in invest and operate in the Midwest, I’m not saying that is bad, it’s just I’m impressed.

Well, now I have a direct flight to Iceland in case if I plan a trip to the country, it’s great news anyway!


You get nickel and dimed, they don’t even give water for free, $40 per carry on per way. $99 if you check it at the gate.

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It’s interesting how the chose St. Louis over DFW or IAH or SAT which are much larger and busier airports

How is that even possible

It may cost more for those landing slots.

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“To help sign up Wow, St. Louis area governmental agencies offered $800,000 in incentives to help market the new route plus a waiver of landing fees for 18 months that could amount to $392,000.”

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Inb4 the obligatory “WOW this is great news” comment.

Not too surprised that WOW Air decided to add service in the Midwest US. That market is currently underserved by European carriers. Hopefully this new service performs well for them. Flying cheap seems to be a trend nowadays. :)


Yes, what’s very interesting is that this is the first transatlantic flight CLE has had since the Continental flight from CLE-LHR. However, actually Icelandair announced the same flight the day before. Very interested to see this competition go on. :D

If you have a direct flight for a good price, take it. Iceland is the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. Anyways, WOW air has decent prices it seems.

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I prefer Icelandair, but Eh.

I’m like 90% sure I saw one of their planes over LAX the other day. Am I going crazy?

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Nope! WOW operates to LAX and SFO on their a330s


It will be great to have another airline serving the eastern US. I think it’s interesting that they chose destinations that aren’t as big as some of the other options. I think they would get more business if they flew to Boston, or Chicago for example. But other than that, all I can say is…WOW!

They already fly to Newark


Im jealous that you guys get to see my favorite airlines like everyday. Ive only seen a Condor, and Icelandair (my favorites) once in my life. Wow air is now what im looking for.

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