WOW Air Adds DFW to Their US Expansion List for Spring 2018

This is truly some great news. DFW is getting some love from Europe. The Icelandic Low Cost Carrier has announced that they will fly 3 days a week and flights will start on May 24th. This route will be operated on an Airbus A330 aircraft. Unfortunately the A321 LR can fly this route but will not enter the airlines fleet before the launch of the services. As of right now this route seems to have had a successful launch as the 2 months of flights have aldready beeen sold out and the route was launched yesterday.

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Also in the airline news at DFW Qatar Airways plans to switch aircraft to the DFW route with an Airbus A350 for the month of October but will switch back to the 77W later. I think that Qatar wants to see if the switch will be profitable as the A350 is cheaper to fly but has less capacity. We think Qatar will make a decision at the end of October on this

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Wow is trying to be like Norwegian… It looks like its starting to work!

Now all they need is PVD and ISP :)

Great Topic!


Probably will not be adding any WOW air flights to KISP as they already operate to New York (either KEWR or KJFK, can’t remember)


In 2014 they looked back into service after intitally wanting service in 2008. They said that with the FAA (TSA) thing (Customs) in 2019; they may look further with the A320+


Wow Air is really giving Icelandair a little bit of a headache. Those two Iceland giants trying to outexpand (is that even a word?) the other, and Keflavik airport can’t hold it, yet tourism in Iceland is not stopping.

Interesting game of competition here.


I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of WOW Air’s gimmick because they just kind of took Icelandair’s good stopover idea and strapped low-cost airline fads to it.


Get it? It’s funny because…nvm


I have no comment for that lol…

I guess it gives KeflavĂ­k International Airport a reason to expand. It would be nice to see a newer updated airport in ReykjavĂ­k especially with the amount of traffic it receives.

Sure, but construction projects take a few years. Keflavik is expanding their passengers/year and traffic so fast they can’t keep up with parking spots! Also, construction might deactivate a some of the airport, but I am not an engeneer or something so don’t quote me on that. It is definetly good for Iceland though. So much tourism and spending by foreigners.

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! sorry for the long yes but hopefully you know my excitement as I am from and live in Dallas :) . Heard their cabins weren’t very good cause no sort of IFE not on personal device or seat in front of you and no food whatsoever on the international fight…wouldn’t call that Wow but I would sure call this expansion wow.

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WOW this is so cool! Loving that pink livery, good to see Dallas getting some low cost flights to Iceland

Holy cheese balls, $99 dollars to Iceland? That’s 198 round trip! That’s cheaper than a regular United flight!

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I believe WOW also charges for other things such as baggage. 99 bucks might just be the ticket itself. And probably in coach or economy


Let’s say it’s a business trip or a 1 night stay, and all you need is a backpack. I did this when I went to Chicago for 2 days. Cheap fare and I didn’t need any bags besides a backpack. This is how you hack ULCC airlines.

You can carry one personal item, but a carry-on is around $40 per way (per flight as well, I believe)

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That is still not a bad deal because 198 + 80 = 278 round trip to Europe; not bad better that the $400+ You would pay for other airlines

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