Wow Air A330-900

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This is a very unique livery. It is only moral to reincarnate the airline virtually. This A339 livery will substitute for the loss of the A333 livery. While the former CEO of the airline plans on bringing the airline back some day, it’ll one day benefit a user wanting to form a virtual airline based around WOW air or the community wanting to fly this bird in general. It’ll hopefully promote flying into Iceland more frequently especially when Klefavik becomes 3D.

ps: I couldn’t find a thread on it so I made it. delete if someone else made it already.

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What do you want me to do with this information? I know where the planes went.


And yes. But, the reason WOW Air couldn’t make it A330-900neo was to not waste time on the trip and just keep changing the color brand from Citilink in Indonesia for half the travel original WOW Air A330neo.

I’m sorry brother I don’t understand you. If you like the livery and want it in game after the airlines ceased operations, drop a vote.


This is a livery request for IF to add the Wow Air A330-900. Not to add anything else etc. The OP would like to see this livery possibly in IF with the next update.

Just a #features request. I’m pretty sure he knows the history of the airline aswell as the planes. :)


That’s right, I understand and I know something all world airlines and anyone WOW Air ceased in Iceland last in March 2019. I saw on the internet Google information about the company label for airlines. Okay, sadly, I’m out to vote. Only I am deaf and can’t hear, so may if you caused me to comment welcome to IFC my bro also I have a feature request vote.

Who is OP?

Okay, I am deaf and I can’t hear. I have my topic a feature to vote only two Air Greenland and Starlux Airlines to expect Airbus A330neo the same is here at IFC.

“Original Post” is OP

We’re happy to accommodate to help you in any way necessary feel free to DM me anytime if you are having trouble understanding or comprehending anything on the IFC. You can use your votes how you see fit no need to use them on every request or just your own requests up to you. :)

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If I understood you correctly, you either want to make your own feature request for air Greenland or thought this was a duplicate. If so it can be deleted.

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Thank you for the clarify. I said so yes can I talk to you DM yes sir. Thank you for the help.

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Yes, that’s right your understand important. Yes, I have a few detail feature requests or someone a duplicate deleted eventually. Thank you for the info, my bro. Welcome to IFC very enjoy.

Thanks, I’ve been here for a while I’m not new 😂

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Yw. Oh, I see never a new lol. I have once a year at IFC and not new, too.

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So, this might be the livery IF will reveal today!


Well I would have mixed feelings if Wow Air was included on the A339. At least after some research I discovered that one aircraft was indeed painted in the livery for a short time, but was never delivered for operations.

I’m very much for only including aircraft liveries that existed or will exist in the very near future. Since an aircraft was indeed painted in the livery I guess this is a possible exception, but since it never operated I still would prefer other operators be instead included on the A339.

There’s literally only a handful of operators 😭 they can fit this in

This Livery Is Pretty Cool 😍

Ouch, didn’t happen. Ended up being Air Senegal.

Still hoping for WOW’s A330neo.

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I was waiting for this as her A333 has been removed from the IF

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