WOW air A330-900 NEO

Wow air is an Icelandic airline founded in 2011. They commenced operations in 2012, and their fleet of 11 now serve to 32 destinations.

The A330-900NEO is a wide-body airliner manufactured by airbus. It’s first flight was in 2017 and is now in production. They started being built in 2015 and the primary user is TAP.
It can carry up to 440 people, has a wing span of 64M and a length of 63M.

Credit: Eurospot

I hope this gets added to IF!
Thank you!

Sorry, I didn’t find much info about WOW air or the A330-900, so this topic is a bit small.

There is no plan for the a330neo atm…;)


WOWair is in a tough spot right now, but I’m hoping they stay afloat so I can see this plane in the skies. If the A330NEO is added this is a must have. If that plane gets announced for IF I’ll move a vote to this.

The plane looks sharp with the new cockpit windows I like it

Yes! I would love this

Remember it’s a glider because it has no engines plus Wow is no more😫

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But the plane still looks great in the pink livery

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There’s no point in adding a livery to an aircraft that never ordered any A330-900neos and never had plans to. Plus, WOW air doesn’t exist anymore. This would be like adding the American Airlines livery to the Concorde.