WOW A320 | EIDW>BIKF | Go Around!

Hello Everyone

Its been a week since my last post so I suppose I better share a new one. This week we saw live ATC in Iceland so I thought why not fly the now former WOW air from EIDW to BIKF or Dublin to Reykjavik in their A320. Our flight saw us fly north over the UK then north-west to Iceland. Once arriving in Reykjavik though, we had to go around twice! The first time because I was floating above the runway too long, the Second because of an aircraft lined up on the runway.

Flight Information
Server – Expert
Flight Time – 3h37 Approx
Aircraft – WOW air A320
Callsign – TF-BRO

Loading passengers and their baggage while setting the flight plan up at the gate.

Holding short of RWY28 while a Aer lingus A321 passes by.

Aer lingus vacating RWY28. Lining up for takeoff

Bye Dublin!

Climbing to our cruising altitude.

Just reached FL390 just past Glasgow.

I won’t bore you with two go arounds but here is the second one.

After two go arounds and less the 20 minutes of fuel less. We finally touch down in Reykjavik RWY01

Spoilers fully extended, brakes on, Reverse thrust and a departing 777.

Unloading passengers at the remote gate after a nice but delayed flight.

Thank you for joining me on this flight, please feel free to comment below what you thought about this flight or post.

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Check out how much fuel I had left!


Nice pictures and thank you for visiting Dublin! I will miss these purple flying planes in here.

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I want to correct some problem. The first picture, you said that you see an Are lingus A321, but it is A350. Can u correct it?

I believe that was referencing the second picture with the Aer Lingus A321 on short final πŸ™‚
Each photo description is on top of the photo, not below it.


It is danger bro🀣🀣

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OK thanks a lot @IF787

Lovely pictures!

I think Keflavik is BIKF though, not BIFK

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I was the Aer lingus A321 landing before you took off.

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OH, thanks for telling me. Everythings been corrected now.

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Oh cool! I would have also posted this picture but unfortunately I had already reached the maximum amount of images I could have on this topic

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Splendid pictures 😍😍! I loved all of them

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tf bro

I forgot we had this livery