Wow 2.0 to Resume Services in March!

Weren’t the guys over at WOW working on the new airline PLAY?

Anyway, hoping it works out for all involved!

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Still not sure if it’ll last. I mean, it already failed once, and stranding people all around the world with no notice didn’t leave the best impression…

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I kid you not, I literally have WOW’s Facebook open on my home computer but I got caught up in pre-cal homework last night lmao. I posted that Haneda thread last night then the American Airlines/GOL announcement in the morning so I decided not to post the WOW.


Is this a cargo a airline business model or a passenger airline business model? It doesn’t make any sense to me focussing on fish if you want to (re-)launch a passenger airline as the business case is completely different.

I agree with @Marc, it’s hard to see this actually getting of the ground again (for me at least until I can see a reasonable new business model for WOW).

literally the people in the post repeated the same thing 3 times lol

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One Word… Wow!

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WOW, that’s some great news. But not gonna believe it 100% until it happens, just doesn’t seem right…

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