Wow 2.0 to Resume Services in March!


This airline will resume as said below, in March of 2020! Holy Mackerel! WOW 2.0 To Resume Services By March

Joanna Bailey

February 4, 2020

WOW Air 2.0 is beginning to look like a very positive prospect. Following yesterday’s cryptic invitation into WOW World, the airline began to respond to comments confirming that it would indeed be selling tickets soon. Sources have told local Icelandic media that WOW will fly by mid-March at the latest, although its initial business plan will still be all about the fish.


Could WOW Air be back in time for the summer? Photo: WOW Air

Welcome to WOW World

Yesterday, we reported on a cryptic message that had appeared on WOW Air’s Facebook page. The message invited us into WOW World, whatever that is, and implied there would be great catering and solid customer service.

The somewhat cryptic Facebook post on the Wow Air page. Photo: Wow Air via Facebook

But what was this all about? Was WOW Air hinting at a start of services, or was this related to the strange WOW Air café in Washington DC that is, apparently, ‘landing soon’? Catering is not really a forte of the low-cost airline, or at least it wasn’t in the previous iteration of its existence, so we thought it likely that it was more about a café than some flights.

Oh, how wrong we were.

Since its posting, the message from WOW Air 2.0 has been shared 121 times, commented upon 611 times and has garnered some 1,200 reactions. That’s pretty cool, but what was even cooler was when, late last night, WOW Air 2.0 began replying to people’s comments.

In response to all the questions around whether WOW was really coming back, the airline responded simply with,

“Yes we are, we start selling tickets soon”

Well, ain’t that a turn up for the books. After all the to-ing and fro-ing about whether WOW 2.0 was actually going to be a thing, this is the first firm sign we’ve had that something could be imminent.

Could we see WOW fly by March?

Local Icelandic news outlet MBL has managed to get some sense out of the new owners of WOW Air’s branding and peripherals. The publication asked WOW Air spokesperson Gunnar Steinn Pálsson what the plans are for the airline.

Pálsson said that things were progressing but that “it has taken longer than we thought.” He went on to say,

“We believe that the time until we start flying is at least measured in weeks rather than months.”

The original plan for WOW 2.0 was to see it launch in October 2019. However, it seems the new owners were not too clued up on the specifics of launching an airline, so things have taken somewhat longer than expected.

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