Would you take Premium Economy?

Hi there,

the last years a lot of Airlines has made a new cabin, it’s between the Business Class and the Economy .
It’s called “Premium Economy”.

Do you think that it’s worth to take this class? Sometimes the Economy and the premium economy has got nearly the same price, so is it a reason to pay a bit more? Or do you think “Business Class or Economy, nothing between”?

So share your opinion!


Virgin Australia has it. When I’m doing flights from Townsville to Brisbane, Sydney etc, I normally take it as their 737-800’s don’t have Business Class. I like it, bigger seats. And of course the lucky forward Lavatory :)

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No, because the best views are behind the wing. :D


Haha yes! The real avgeeks travel in eco!! We don’t need to be in first class to enjoy. We just want to be in the plane :))


Tru dat! (Fill)

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Premium economy is worth it.

Nice seats, nice legroom, the feeling that you get when you’re not in economy. Try it once If you can. You’ll enjoy it :)

The main question is if you would pay more for the Premium Economy?
Or do you prefer to Business?

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When I traveled back from East Asia the majority of the 17 hours was spent gazing out of the window waiting for the turbulence to roll in, best part .

premium economy because more entertainment. but economy is economy, and your extra legspace is ruined by your backpack.

At Lufthansa the Entertainment is (If i know right) exactly the same.
You have got the same monitor infront of you

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Depends on the Airline!

I fly the Atlantic often for work and given the choice go with Virgin ATLANTIC Prem Eco. Own check in, extra luggage allowance, better seats, food and ICE too.

have flown BA Prem World Traveler, you get a little extra legroom and extra luggage allowance but otherwise the same as “Down Aft”!

Given a choice would fly Business / Upper Class however the price difference is huge so not for the time being!! ( well on the short TA flights anyway, company pays for the upgrade on flights over 6 hrs)

Sometimes it depends, you’re right. At Lufthansa for example, the price difference is very big and you’ve no really big advantages .
At Turkish Airlines, the seats look bigger, and it’s often worth.

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Some Airlines have different Services:

Premium Economy class can give your luggages
by check in and Economy class you can take only your handbag to plane.

I always fly in premium economy (MCE on American) because of my status that allows me to choose MCE free of charge for an economy ticket. Personally I enjoy the legroom and favorable cabin position rather than being behind the wing where it is much louder and cramped.

Yes, the positive side is that you are often before the wing


Premium economy on Cathay Pacific is awesome

Never sat on premium economy but the closest I got to it was on a Singapore Airlines flight. It’s like a ScootBiz seat, if you know what I’m saying. Sure it’s “premium” but it’s still economy.
So would I want to seat on premium economy?
Once. And only once. I’ld rather fly business. Or economy. Or even just something like ScootBiz

I would but, premium economy is more to the economy side as to the Business.