Would you still want to be a pilot if there were super high tech planes ?

Hi guys just wondering would you guys still want to become a pilot if we had high tech planes. Such as planes that float above ground. Or very weird looking supersonic planes that take you from JFK to LHR in 30 minutes. Now I know this is really unrealistic and would take forever to build but I would like to know.

For example

Or image

These are some examples. In my opinion I would never want these types of planes to be implemented in to aviation. It would ruin my dreams of flying . I always dream of piloting a A330, 757, A350. To be honest I have no interest in these types of planes . And if they were added I might as well take a job cleaning bathrooms, while secretly playing infinite flight. Some of you may disagree but it’s my opinion. Post your opinion here I would really like to know :)

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Of course!


I agree with you, but I would like to be a pilot on planes like “the boom”

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No those are ugly and unrealistic 🙁
Those wil ruin my dreams of being a pilot 😖


I wouldn’t want to fly those either


And something to add , all the planes we have now would be replaced with planes like those

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Thanks for the poll


No way. That’s no fun.


Orr you could get your pilots license and just stay flying 172s and older aircraft…


This is just a vision of the future again…

First let the A350 and the A30X, or the Boeing 777X be fully introduced, which will take the next few decades ;)


More tech = more lights to control


If those were the only options than yes, but I’d rather fly a 787 and an A350

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Yeah. But it’s not likely. The idiots at the top of these big companies are gonna start replacing humans with robots for jobs like piloting. I mean, look at drones. I’d be a pilot but they most likely won’t be hiring.

Yeah but robots flying planes are very unlikely all the reporters and news shows talking about robots flying planes but they don’t even know a single thing about them. I was once watching cnn and one of the reporters called 777 an A320 it was hilarious . All these idiots who plan on putting robots in charge of flying better put them in their private jets. No way I’m flying on some airline with a computer flying the plane or robot flying. And to add on most likely if these high tech planes did get implemented wouldn’t they most likely be self flying ?? So what’s the point of flying these if your most likely gonna be a backup pilot if the plane fails. I wouldn’t want to tell my children that a robot or a computer is my boss lol.

I rather fly a DC-10

Robots fly planes now.

Automated cockpits have been around for many years now. The pilots are there to make sure the “robot” does the right thing and input some new data once in a while. (A bit exaggerated haha) But when something goes wrong mechanically, humans need to stop relying on the robot and shut it down…that’s when human intervention saves lives.

The day commercial airliners don’t have a human being in the cockpit is the day I start sailing. Let’s hope it’s not in my generation 😂


Yeah I know but most pilots take off manually and land manually.

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