Would you sell your goats to fly home?

India, it’s the birthplace of gravity and for some reason the first-ever country where a bike transported a rocket (true, once again), however, this story is not about rockets, it is about goats, more specifically aviation related goats. Let me tell you a story, a story so Indian that you’ll UberEat’s some curry right now.

Now back to a familiar topic, IndiGo Airlines, it sounds like a colour but isn’t. The airline flies many routes, not all the routes but some of the routes, one route it does operate is the route from Mumbi to Kolkata in a flight time of 2hrs 50min which is shorter than the time it takes to push a new Infinite Flight update. The time though is irrelevant. What is relevant is that due to the virus IndiGo suspended all of the some of the routes it sometimes operated, they suspended those for some time and when the Indian Government said “yes, you can all go fly in the sky”, one man jumped in the sky (pun intended) in joy. Now, in normal times you would just book a flight however one man had a serious problem with this, but what were they?

Now with this whole virus thing, unfortunately, a lot of people lost their jobs and no job means no money. Before I get flagged for being off-topic three men were stranded in Mumbai after having no work and they needed to get home, they had to raise money which was a problem as money wasn’t coming in and flights apparently cost money, the other two men sold normal things like rings but the third man had to sell something even more normal, goats. Goats are good to ram you and they are also to get you jumping high in the sky, the one-way flight cost AUD$189 and luckily for him, three goats cost that much too, something I’m surprised none of you knew, then after he got to the airport something else happened.

His flight was cancelled and unfortunately like most 3rd countries like the United States, IndiGo didn’t offer him a refund. The cause was the fact that coordination was at an all-time low between state and federal governments and the fact that Kolhatka Airport decided to turn into the Bay of Bengal , IndiGo then decided to become the Make a Wish foundation and get this, decided to give rebook him onto another flight after he had paid for a flight which was cancelled by no fault of his own, Nobel Prize winners right here. The man eventually got home albeit goatless however he got home and that’s the most important thing. Would you sell three of your goats to get back home?

Goats for a plane ticket? Yes please image credit


Easily the funniest post I’ve ever seen on this community, good job!


Oh, we got a COMEDIAN! 😂 😂 😂

Amazing post! Rare and odd stories are my fuel to aviation enthusiasm.


I don’t know if you can do that now a days.



badum tsh


This is a great question for @Ethan_Hansen

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this will be my discord status for a few days! amazing post, read it twice!


No criticism intended but can I ask why everyone is blurring the word virus? Is it some rule that I didn’t hear?

Apart from that, it’s good that they were able to get him back home.

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Worst thing is I don’t have a goat


Goats are (in my opinion) worth more than an airline ticket.

They are.

I have roots in Egypt, when we go there, we slaughter an animal for our Eid celebration for Muslim.

They cost around 400 dollars at the cheapest

That’s a ticket from Cairo to New York.

And that’s on an Airliner, not Indigo.


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