Would you rather to fly or to do atc?

I love infinite flight. It’s my favorite app. But I ran into a problem. I don’t know which setting to do. Just fly, or atc. Which one do you prefer?

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This belongs in the would you rather topic. Feel free to post it there with a poll.

Don't know how to do a poll?

Click the cog at the top, then build poll. More instructions here.


I suggest creating a poll to find results. I personally like flying more.

Hey there

As IFATC,many of my time is for control, so it make me down to Grade 4 lol, my suggestion, just do both try to find which is your love, and if you want to be IFATC in the future, of course, be on control, and if you just enjoy fly around the Mountains, trees, And travel all over the world, take the pilot seat.

Enjoy the sky

I’d prefer ATC so I can ghost the bad guys 8)

I’m not expert sever yet. So I can’t do that

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