Would You Rather: Real World Edition

  • Fly EasyJet
  • Fly Ryanair

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  • Fly Air Malta
  • Fly Malta Air

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Yes they are different

Game show music begins

Would you rather.?.?.?

  • Boeing and Airbus begin working on a group project called the A797
  • Boeing and Airbus switch home bases

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Why the hate towards classic airliners? I EVERY classic airliner ever produced are the backbone of EVERY modern aircraft you see today. Classic FOREVER!!!


I can live without an IFE screen because unlike most people today, I don’t have an impulsive and psychological need to have a screen in front of my face 24/7. I read a book, or listen to a podcast.

  • A380s to service until 2030
  • 747s to service until 2049

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maybe a hard one for the jumbo fans

Would you rather to ride on those Jetblue A320 special liveries

  • Jetblue “Blue Bravest” the FDNY livery
  • Jetblue “Blue Finest” livery
  • Jetblue “NY Jets” livery

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i dont really like the a380 tbh

For the fans of the engines: Would you rather to hear?

  • Rolls Royce RB-211 (747-400)
  • GE TF39 (C5 Galaxy)
  • Lotarev D-18 (Antonov AN-124)
  • Kuznetsov NK-12 (Antonov AN-22)

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The RB211 is one of the greatest engines ever made! It would be great to have it on Infinite flight!
I’ll just leave this here for the 747 fans :


Would you rather to seat:

  • Emirates First class
  • Etihad “The Residence”
  • ANA “First Square”
  • JAL “The Suite”
  • SIA “Singapore Suites”
  • Ryanair 737’s Flight deck

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Would you rather:

  • Experience the landing in the Hudson
  • Experience the landing on a cornfield
  • Experience the LOT 767 landing without landing gear down
  • Walk instead

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Would you rather

  • Stand under a landing A380 and be thrown 100s of feet into the air by wake turbulence
  • Have a 36 hour long ATC shift

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Wait would you get a break during the shift?

How many of y’all can survive a 100ft drop onto tarmac?

St. Maarten good airport for that although, no A380’s land there

Probably nobody. Sounds fun regardless.

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I don’t have bones so I’ll be fine

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This dude has evolved waaaayyyy before us.


  • Fly spirit
  • Fly Ryanair

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And no Big Front Seat @KTJ_Mitchell