Would You Rather: Real World Edition

  • ANA’s The Room
  • Qatar’s Qsuites

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The Room



Pressed wrong. Anyway, are you sing the second option airport has 15 runways?!

You can change your vote. I’m saying that you can either have 1 flight per month at your home airport, but it is operated by your favourite aircraft or there are 1 million of your least favourite aircraft doing Minimum Interval Take Offs (B-52G and KC-135A…).

  • Fly to Nuuk 🇬🇱
  • Fly to Reykjavik 🇮🇸

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Where would you rather go to?

Imma need the 757-200 reworked with the Air Greenland livery, then I’d fly to Nuuk. #reworkthe757 😂

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I got you with that livery request

We might also need the new Nuuk airport before a 757 lands there.

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If only I had 100 more votes for everything I want to vote for 😂

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I know no one who has ever or ever will connect onto a flight via Bermuda.

It’s leaving your home airport and getting to your destination which you have to get a connecting flight. Not connecting at your home airport. Just wanted to clarify because the comment made it seemed like you had to start at one airport, connect at your home airport, and then go to your destination.

WYR draw

Trust me you don’t want to fly trough JFK

I don’t mind KJFK but I prefer KBOS way more.

If there is any Airforce to Revive Aircraft it’s the RCaF

I like how the US and UK have their own option but there’s nothing for North America 😂


Oops, I forgot about Canada, sorry…


Mexico and Central America too! Maybe NZ also

I’ll obviously go in the front of the plane because that’s where first class sits lol.

Would You Rather:

  • Fly First/Business on an old plane (circa 1960s-1970s)
  • Fly Economy on a new plane (from today)

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Would you rather?

  • Have more heavy aircraft at CYOW?
  • Have more heavy aircraft at CYHZ?

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I love the new design. It represents the color of the American flag better. It also looks more modern and sleek. I honestly never really liked the look of the old livery.