Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


Bail out over land and you have a chance of dying if you get knocked out on the way down, ditch in the ocean, you can at least swim out of wreckage


The 737 because I’ve never flown on any 737.

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See, I’m the exact opposite I have NEVER flown on an a320 series jet at all.

  • Fly United Polaris First class for life
  • Fly Delta One for life

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Please don’t vote Delta because you think your going to get thrown off a plane…




Would you rather…

  • Win free United Polaris tickets for life on all United international flights and economy plus for life on United domestic flights
  • Get A group boarding position and always be the first one to board in the A group on Southwest for life with an automatic 25,000 bonus miles for life

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Well I live in Australia, so I’ll have to go with the top option ;)


I actually wouldn’t mind doing that! Emirates has A380s on both legs and their seats and service is amazing


Would you rather

  • Be a 747/A380 captain for one year and lose your medical
  • Be a Beech King Air pilot until the day you retire

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Your poll does not have anything to do with real world aviation, please post it in this thread. Thanks!


Ok, sorry about that, I accidentally posted on the wrong topic


Would you rather?

  • Not fly in Global because you knew no matter how long the flight you’d crash on short final
  • Still fly in global even if you knew you’d crash

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What if we have good immune systems like me? ;)


I think right now, all we android users want is just a taste of global


Then this poll would be boring because the majority wants to fly heavies :)

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Anything out of trump


I just flew Jetstar A320-200 and let me tell you, it was awful.


As a pilot, the A321neo. As a passenger, the 737 MAX-10


I’m exactly the opposite. I’ll take the Airbus as a passenger but the Boeing as a pilot


Nothing comes between me and the Maddog. Nothing. Period.

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