Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


This is only for real world aviation would you rather, please do not put any IF related would you rathers in here.
For the Infinite Flight edition, click here.

Would you rather:

  • Get a full-on free tour of JFK airport, includes but not limited to: the terminals, ATC tower, cargo areas, and you get to walk around the tarmacs, etc.
  • Win 2 free roundtrip flights to 2 destinations of your choice (4 flights in total)

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Would You Rather: Infinite Flight and Real World Aviation
Would You Rather- Real Life Scenarios

WOULD YOU RATHER :) this is a good one

  • Fly on a Cessna Citation X Charter, Only in your country For the rest of your life
  • Fly Spirit Airlines Economy Class in the back seat all around the world

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Didn’t say i couldn’t fly around the world when not in my CCX ;)


Would You Rather

  • Fly aboard a A32N (Airbus 320 NEO) across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Fly aboard a B73M (Boeing 737 MAX) across the Atlantic Ocean

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I guess I’ll have to put the CCX back in the hangar and whip out my private 747 and fly around the world 😂


Let’s just wait for the Boeing Vs Airbus convo to start lmao


Would you rather

  • Fly Qantas A380 First Class for 13 hrs
  • Fly In the Cockpit in American Airlines 789 for 6 hours and land it

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Would you rather…

  • Fly on any plane you want on your least favorite route
  • Fly any route you want on your least favorite plane and airline

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I would probably crash on landing…


Would You Rather:

  • Own A Private Jet (Expenses)
  • Have Free First Class Tickets On Every Flight (Free)

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Same here I would hear retard and pull up and then stall and Slap it hard on the ground and then feel like a “retard” haha


would you rather…

  • Be a comercial pilot
  • Be a privite pilot
  • Be a military pilot

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Would You Rather:

  • Fly Economy on Spirit Airlines
  • Fly Economy on Frontier Airlines

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Also known as (Which Airlines Better??)


Would your rather…

  • TS1 in real life
  • No commercial aviation

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This one’s hard, lol:-)


Then my local airport (KISP) would be getting 50 International Flights Daily and 100’s of JFK-ISP flights

  • Fly Qatar Airways A350 first class to any Middle Eastern country (from Doha, obviously)
  • Fly at the last row of an MD-82 from LAX to Edwards AFB

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lol Spirit doesn’t fly all around the world. Plus their aircraft can’t fly transpacific.

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It doesn’t have to be 100% realistic 👍🏼


Thanks for making this mate, it will clean up both of our topics ;) (I didnt mean that sarcastically I meant that sincerely). Although I should probably change it to global edition because that’s all anyone talks about on there lol

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Something tells me that 47% of people have never flown Spirit Economy.