Would you Rather: IFC Edition

Hey everybody. I thought it would be a cool idea to make a topic like would you rather IF edition, but IFC edition. Please let me know if this topic is not needed, but I think it’s a cool topic! I’ll start off with one.

Would you rather

  • Me change my username to GreaseAllDay
  • Me keep my username ButterAllDay

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The other thread probably suites this purpose best.



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The other thread is everything. As people have been adding eating a cheeseburger and stuff. I don’t see the use for another topic like this.



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Lol they’ve been adding cheeseburgers 😂

Guys, I just wanted to create a fun topic about would rather for IFC. I know it doesn’t help anything, but why not just have some fun? Thanks

Would you rather…

  • Demote all Moderator to member.
  • Demote all old regulars peoples to member and you get regular status.

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Would You Rather?

  • Be a Leader
  • Be a Basic forever but get paid 2$ very day

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  • Become a regular (They help to assist moderators)
  • Become a moderator (remember that moderators have lots of responsabilities and that they have to be active a lot. It is a big responsability.)

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Would you rather you get:

  • formal warning for spam
  • short suspension

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I do, of course, kid. Let’s all just try and make topics productive and interesting!