Would You Rather: IF Edition


Well couldn’t you just circle around a bit? Also, what plane is over MLW after 18 hours?


None. It’s just a would you rather


There, I Updated it

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I actually landed MD-11 with overweight

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  • See Pewdiepie play IF and be in one of his videos while flying, and you earned a share of the money from the ads.
  • IF subscription prices decrease by 10%.

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I buy the monthly sub so all it would do is decrease the price by 1 dollar


Make a new line ^



Lol so TS1?


I’ve went around seven times before landing on TS1, mostly due to tower continuously having planes line up and wait during my final, and those planes take agessss to start their roll, the final time I just said “no” and landed.


Would you rather:

  • Only fly the 737 for 6 months
  • Only fly the A320 for 6 months

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Would You Rather…

  • Embarrassingly land on the taxiway on Expert and roll through a staff member
  • Only fly fighter planes

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😂😂😂 LoL true


would you rather fly the

  • 757
  • 321(Non NEO)

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  • B767-400
  • DC-10
  • A330-200

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  • B787-8
  • A350-1000

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  • B777-9X
  • A380
  • A350 (Any variant)

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Please post this in the real life thread, not the IF one.

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Would you rather…

  • Fly a B737 with one engine
  • Fly a B747 with one engine

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I’ve had that happen before.


If you could only fly one category out of the 2 in IF, which would you choose

  • Fly modern planes (B737, A320, A321, B787, etc)
  • Fly classic planes (MD11, DC-10, etc)

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  • Control KLAX on training for 2 hrs with at least 20 airplanes on your frequency all the time
  • Try to land but be put in a holding pattern above KLAX for 2 hrs and have 5 go arounds

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Would you rather

  • Your school/job/whatever allows IF sessions scheduled each day.
  • You figure out all the traffic patterns, arrival patterns, departure patterns, ETC. of every airport in IF
  • Instant grade 5

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Busy airports make it feel realistic

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