Would You Rather: IF Edition

  • Play the worst Flight sim on the market
  • Play Infinite Flight but without the subscription

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Well, there are so many WORST Flight Simulators which Swiss001 shows 😂

  • Be on the infinite loading screen with a buttery landing of 747 from a long haul flight
  • Be the most respected and known senior pilot in a very popular va

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Would you Rather

  • Only be able to fly the C172 But Have free global
  • Have a pro subscription but have only low quality regions with all aircraft

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Whould You rather

  • Have the power to add any feature to IF using magic
  • Get paid an Emirates Captain Salary in real money for every IF flight you do

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Would you rather

  • Buy IF Pro 1 year and not have access to anything and have IF staff not help you
  • Or Be ATC at KLAX in Casual Server forever
    (I know it’s not possible, but imagine it was)

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Well, ive been Tower And Ground the same time at KLAX on Training, so you know i can handed Casual Server.


Super hard :P


I like how you put “using magic” haha :P


Would you rather:

  • Run out of fuel in the middle of a long-haul flight.
  • IF crashes in the middle of a long-haul flight.

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If you run out of fuel while you aren’t with your device then you’ll fall out of the sky and get speed violations… No thanks!


Okay, we haven’t posted in a few weeks, here! Edit: please don’t vote for all 3, I don’t know how to use this new sistem, only vote for 1.

  • IF is Part of your schools curriculum
  • All your friends play IF
  • You get paid to play IF, equal to $100 Per hour.

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I’d be doing lots of ULHs, or maybe getting in a KC-10 and being refueled several times.

  • Control all TS1 Socal Positions
  • Fly Non-Stop KLAX - WICC Without Sleep

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What do you need to do to get that would you rather GUI, as I’d like to do one.

  • Fly only one airplane and not end the flight for 1 month
  • Control at LAX on TS1 for a week

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Fly only one airplane and not end the flight for 1 month: I mean just stay in the flight for the month. You have to fly to ATC. You can’t end it.


At least I would have friends…

  • Be demoted from Grade 5 to Grade 3
  • Be promoted from current status to Leader/Mod on the forums

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Kinda a win-lose, either you be a mod, or Grade 3, easy to vote :/


Just making people think😂