Would You Rather: IF Edition


Whould you rather…

  • Be accepted for Expert Server ATC
  • Immidiatly become Grade 5

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Would you rather:

  • The entire IFC never have a grammatical mistake ever again, but you can’t advance past TL2
  • All grammatical mistakes on the IFC are present and annoy you a ton, but you’re a regular for life and cannot be demoted/banned

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I’m already IFATC, so…yeah…easy decision for me at least


That was an easy decision…


I am already IFATC and Grade 5, 😂


Ya see it’s funny, because that’s exactly my situation 😂

  • Every year one update (bug fixes not included)
  • Only fly the SR22

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I’d be fine with one update every year.

But it has to be big though XD


I already pretty much only fly the SR22 already. ;)

  • Have your favorite airport banished from existence
  • Have Infinite Flight banished from existence

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This is really easy…


Nobody hurts my baby KSNA!


We’ll see how Laura thinks of you now…


Lets ask @BigBert10. It’s gonna be super hard for him.


Wasn’t really hard for me XD




Its not to be hard i wanna see how many people like fighters more


Why this make me laugh so much tho…

  • ATC/pilot custom ATC commands, grade 5 only (nobody will be bad)
  • You get 5 avgeek friends
  • You get 1 avgeek friend, but he/she plays infinite flight
  • IF goes on steam (computer gaming software)

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Does “IF goes on Steam” imply that IF would become playable on a PC? Because if so, I’m definitely choosing that option. :)


Yeah. Basically

  • Fly an AIRBUS aircraft
  • Fly a BOEING aircraft
  • Fly a BOMBARDIER aircraft
  • Fly an EMBRAER aircraft

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