Would You Rather: IF Edition


It depends what you mean by crash. By exploiting that loophole I can technically just accidentally run off the taxiway with no injuries and the plane can immediately fly again. But actually, I wouldn’t want to get into a newsworthy plane crash.


When I said “plane crash”, I meant a small one like US Airways flight 1549.


Well, I think if the fuel calculations were correct, when you wake up you are with 451 violations


Small?!? That had an entire movie made based on it! I wouldn’t call US 1549 small


would you rather…

  • no swiss001
  • no capt joe
  • no IFC

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Swiss is a bit annoying


Offensive to @Swiss


Easy choice. Swiss’ content is bland and repetitive. I’ve seen about 20 Top 3 worst flight simulators now, they’re all the same. Also the incessant merch plugging is annoying. Good on him for making money, though.


I don’t really watch capt joe.


Some of his videos have photoshop. Also, what is « capt joe »?


Swiss is on IFC you know


I’m going to tag him to see what he thinks…


Would you rather…

  • IF gets rid of all commerical planes
  • IF gets rid of all fighter planes.

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Swiss doesn’t really do IF anymore… he’s more of an X-Plane channel now.


Why did this have to be so hard!!


Would you rather…

  • Be able to ghost any one at anytime on expert
  • Be able to fly 1st class on emirates from LAX -Dubai and back.

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@Swiss please take a look…


That was pretty easy


I wonder what one would have to do in order to get banned from solo… lol


I chose to be banned from the community, since I use solo all the time to practice landings!