Would You Rather: IF Edition


I really love the A330 and have been flying it a lot lately so I’m gonna have to go with getting the A330 rework.


Which one would you choose? This one is super tough tbh…

  • Your dog jumps on you when your on short final, and you nosedive into the ground in front of 10 planes holding short. Some of the aircraft holding short include staff members, and your VA leader
  • You have to fly the C172 for 10 minutes

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That was an easy decision!


Would you rather in the next update:

  • A-10 Rework, 737 Spilt Scimitars, A350 Family
  • A10 Rework, 737 Split Scimitars, A330 Rework

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Ya ik right, guess I have to live with crashing in front of mods… Still way better than flying that god-awful 172


Would you rather:

  • 737 FULL Rework
  • A330 and A350 Reworked and Added

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Would you rather have…

  • Cessna 172 Full rework, Added Cessna 150 with modern standards [Opening doors, etc.]
  • Cirrus SR-22 Full Rework, Added Cirrus Vision Jet with modern standards [Opening doors, etc.

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In Infinite Flight:

  • Fly the CRJ-200
  • Fly the CRJ-700
  • Fly the CRJ-900
  • Fly the CRJ-1000

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I can’t do either of these


Lots of crj-900s at my airport


Concorde, i would fly across the Atlantic all day long


Out with the old. In with the new 😃

  • Be a beta tester for 1 year
  • Be a dev for 1 year (most of your ideas get taken into consideration)
  • Be a populour IF YouTuber for a year
  • Stay the same

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While being a beta tester would be fun, you wouldn’t really have that suspense or build up waiting for the next update because you would get it no matter what. Just my $0.02

  • Get in a plane crash
  • Be banned permanently from the IFC

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God forbid that happens


Would you rather…

  • Be a Staff
  • Have a pilots license

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It honestly depends what you mean by ‘crash’ most people survive anyway.


I’d choose a pilot’s license anytime. Screw being a staff member for IFLLC XD

It’s the virtual world. Pilot’s license means you can actuallly fly! :D

(even though I really like IF)


Random Guy you would get in a plane crash?