Would You Rather: IF Edition


I tend to fly one handed anyways, unless I’m using AP


No, not the globemaster! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
JK, that was an easy choice, unless the globemaster will be reworked.


Would you rather:

  • Be an IFATC that is only able to control during FNF
  • Be an IFATC that is only able to control ATIS

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If you are only able to control ATIS, then what’s the point of being IFATC?


I don’t know, I just thought it would be an interesting would you rather

  • Be banned from the community
  • Be banned from solo

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That’s kinda easy!x

  • Fly at Lukla for life
  • Fly at KLAX TS1 for life

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Kinda easy lol


Kinda easy? This thing is 50-50!


He’s talking about the poll prior to this last one… The one where it’s 91-9

  • Choke your landing after a 15 hour flight after hours of briefing your flight and to make it even worse in front of Laura
  • Crash land at a grand opening event you hosted introducing your new VA

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I’d just go radio silent if the VA one happened to me and 24 hours later blame my internet provider cause there’s no way I could live that down if people knew the truth lmao


I would do the same thing sheeeshh I would be so embarrassed to even come and check out the community


would you rather

  • have a A380 rework
  • or have a A350

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I’m avaricious haha 😆


Which would you rather have?

  • Boeing 737 Full Rework
  • Airbus A330 Mini Rework

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  • Have realistic crashes
  • Have 3D buildings.

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  • +100 violations to your account
  • +4 ghostings added to your account
  • Never access expert server for 6 months

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100 violations would be removed in a week for 7 days and I already have much landing than the violation less than 0.05.


Not for me) I have 0 violations 🙂 So I prefer 4 ghosts lol