Would You Rather: IF Edition





This explains
😂 rip I was a bit blind


This is why you are my favourite regular

  • Have free subscription for lifetime but only you can fly B737
  • Or pay $50 each month and have all plane (including that is not in IF.)

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737s for life!


$50 each month? That’s $600 a year!!! No thanks!


What type of aircraft do you prefer flying?

  • Heavies, Widebody aircraft
  • Smaller, Singlebody aircraft

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All we would have to do is what this guy is doing (except in 737s)


Even if its €100 per month or year, I definitely have all aircraft rather than a free B737 :-)

  • Be Permanently Banned From Training
  • Be Permanently Banned From Expert

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Good lord that was easy


@Kaden_Wright, you okay there? 😂


Oh yeah, that was an accident 😂😂

  • A330 rework
  • Concorde

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Might be a little difficult ;)


*tempted to say something but doesn’t *


Meh, it’s not. A330neo ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Have Every Aircraft in IF Reworked(And The A350)But you have to fly on Casual Server
  • Fly with aircraft already in IF(not reworked)But fly on Expert Server or Training Server

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Would you rather…

  • A330 Reworked
  • Your choice of aircraft reworked (other than the A330)

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I would be happy because it wasn’t an Airbus. I would be sad for all people dead


Would you rather

  • Only fly IF one-handed
  • Only fly the Globemaster

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