Would You Rather: IF Edition


Would you rather?

  • Shut up and stop moaning to get the TBM?
  • Moan, whine and cry for the TBM but becaise of this you dont get if for another 2 years?

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Hope this shuts people up! Just be paitent amd youll get what you get!


Just did that it was the best
And half insane


would you rather control tower and ground for an hour at KLAX or EGLL

  • Control at EGLL for 1 hour
  • Control at KLAX for 1 hour

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This poll is for @Riley_Grim


The c172 is bae 4 me until 737 gets wingflex


Would you rather…

  • Fly at KLAX TS for one year straight
  • Only fly the C172 for life

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Definitely the second one.


It depends on the server however, if you are referring to expert, I’d say KLAX

  • Fly the TMB for more that 2 hours
  • Fly the c172 for 30 minutes for a VA of your choice to get up to the highest level of that VA

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What does it mean to be ghosted, or to ghost in a server?


He said TS


Getting Ghosted is when you don’t follow instructions of ATC on expert, getting you kicked from the server. They will send several warnings at first, then a ghost.


Thanks for helping me understand that ;)


Flight 1: On Live or Solo
Flight 2: On Live or Solo
Flight 3 (the one with the problem): On Solo, and as soon as it is ready, I exit and do flight 4 which repeats the loop


That’s common sense

  • Be the best moderator on the community and can only be a moderator for the forum and not be able to be in moderator for IF
  • The total opposite. You being a part of FDS and not a moderator for the community.

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  • Play Infinite Flight
  • Play Xplane11/Prepar3DV4

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I’d play Infinite Flight because of the amazing community here, and all the friends I’ve made.

  • Be part of a big VA that has a high presence on the community, yet they don’t care much about their members
  • Be part of a small VA with a minescule presence on the community, yet they care for and respect each one of their members

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If this was before the A320 family rework…

  • have the A320 family reworked
  • have the B737 family reworked

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And in current times…

  • B744 and B748 rework
  • A380 rework

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  • Have A330 Reworked
  • Have A350 Added

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