Would You Rather: IF Edition


I need to be able to control on expert. $400 is so much less important than that, so out the window my iPad goes!


Make that your next update;)


Wow that’s crazy
The 752 and 763 are the saddest aircraft in IF
Look at the physics of the. 752 and the wing quality and cockpit details 😂


Ive only been to two of them 🤦‍♂️


Would ya rather

  • Have game freezes every 5minutes
  • Have the black floor glitch every 3 flights
  • Have to fly with a very poorly calibrated yoke every 3 flights

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I’ve only been to KJFK, KLAX, and KDEN. Panama City FL, Miami, and Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex I have yet to visit


The easy way to do it is to buy a lot of bubble wrap and then go pick it up after you throw it.


You don’t have to worry about yoke calibration when you use a joystick.


  • Must play on LOWEST graphics (ALL on low, anti aliasing off, limit frame rate on) for 2 years.
  • Lose IF PRO for 2 years (you get regions and the base game and base aircraft, nothing else)
  • Pay $30 USD per month for PRO for a year then the price goes back to normal and nothing changes

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Where is the throw my ipad away option?


Let us be honest here, the only sensible option would be to pay the $30.

Granted my bank account says otherwise.


Which would you rather have first?

  • Working Cockpit on all reworked airplanes (eg. CRJ, B787, etc)
  • Gear/Truck/Undercarriage Tilt on all airplanes

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I know from expericne , ya don’t want the first one


Air canada!!! It’s better,


I need to butter the A330
photo credit https://www.webstagram.one/media/BnFWx5rglXe


Would you rather…

  • Fly the a380 but bounce all landings
  • Fly a CRJ-(your choice of model) and land perfectly every single time.

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Would you rather…

  • Have 5 aircraft of your choice get reworked
  • Have 5 NEW aircraft of your choice added

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  • Have two existing airliners reworked
  • Have ten new GA aircraft added

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Jokes on you. I already have my favorite airliners in the game and there reworked. 😜


Witch are are favorites


Would you rather…

  • Be forced to fly in the night all the time
  • Be forced to fly in the day all the time

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  • Have the A350 added
  • Have the A330 reworked

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