Would You Rather: IF Edition


Who are the dumb people that chose Flying on Emirates First Class over helping the society, this community surprises me everyday…


Uhhhh this is IF edition.


This is terrible 😂😂😂


Because it’s for IF not the real world :/

  • Land Safely but touch down at -1200 fpm
  • Touch down at -200 fpm but use up a lot of the rwy and be unsure if you will stop on time

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sure would’ve loved the opportunity to go around when I touched down at -1200 fpm but sadly that was not a possibility, the issue was caused by me not being able to pitch up or slow my descend rate in the first place, Plus, I came down so fast that I didn’t have enough time to properly react to the fact that I couldn’t flare for some reason. It’s a shame because to me the approach went pretty well I just got stuck with my pitch :/ but oh well


Just realized my post wasn’t IF related …

  • Crash in front of Laura on expert server
  • Taxi through Mark on expert server

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Much less embarrassing to crash than to taxi through someone!

  • Have IF lag and then shut down while landing at KLAX after a long flight from OMDB (Dubai)
  • Fall asleep while you fly from KJFK to PHNL (Honolulu) and wake up flying over WSSS (Singapore)

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I dunno. At least when you taxi through someone it shows that you don’t suck at flying the plane.


Well, yea, but same with Taxiing, it shows you didn’t pay attention, also taxing through someone will probably get you a violation, in a crash if you don’t exceed any limits and get no violations


I can get much more XP flying to Singapore ;)

  • Have a350 come out but it having a bug with the controls for three months
  • A330 rework with added livers… but with IF staff teasing you for three months.

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These people are not exactly dumb for choosing to fly Emirates first class. Respect there opinions.

You wouldn’t like it if I said you choosing to end world hunger was stupid. If you chose to end world poverty, people woulda have money therefore able to have food along with other things while ending world hunger ensures you only have food.

Everyone as a reason to choose the option you chose, and they shouldn’t be called out for having a opinion.


Would you rather…

  • Have the A350 released now with just the -900 regular variant but not very detailed, a few liveries and with lots of bugs.
  • Have to wait over a year (from now) but we receive very detailed versions of all the A350 variants (-900, -1000, -900ULR, ACJ350, etc…) all the A350 liveries and there are no bugs at all!

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In case you are wondering what the ACJ350 is, this is what is says about it on the A350’s Wikipedia page:

Airbus’ corporate jet version of the A350, the ACJ350, is derived from the A350-900ULR. As a result of the increased fuel capacity from the -900ULR, the ACJ350 has a maximum range of 20,000 km (10,800nm)


I disagree with you, because either ending poverty or hunger are helping the society, and this cannot be called “Stupid”, therefore, your middle paragraph that talks about ending one over the other is irrelevant for our conversation because If you chose anything over flying on emirates that would be fine for me. Your point is also not quite true, but moving on. This is not a smart poll because you cant compare flying on Emirates to helping the society, because they have absolutely nothing to do with each other, and helping a life for me is more importang that having a luxurious flight esperience, however, life moves on, lets get back ON topic


Take it to a PM for goodness sake.


Yeah, I agree it doesn’t relate to IF in any way, and it isn’t a good comparison