Would You Rather: IF Edition


But, would you want to get possessed?


You’d probably die either way. Its like being caught between the Scylla and Charibdes. Tanzanian devil rips you to shreds, Chupucabra eats you whole (idk if it actually possesses you or not. Haven’t had the time nor nerve to read the myths.)


Well, the Tasmanian Devil is just on the plane with you. For example, the cargo hold. My choice has been made.


Uhh… This is IF edition?


No worries… l am clearing space in my cargo hold so l can lock up all the off topic’ers with all there favorite critters !!!


Apparently no, it was before


Would you rather…

  • Do a 4 hours flight
  • Do four 1 hour flights (taxi time/flight planning included)

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I do agree with you on the Tasmanian devil ripping you to shreds but, I’ll look into the myth.


Air New Zealand is not based in an Oceania country.

It’s based in New Zealand which sits on the continent of Zealandia.



It’s basically Oceania, and should be for the purpose of this poll. Pardon me if I sound harsh, but let’s argue about the finer points of geography somewhere else. If people are mad at me for this, PM me. Don’t clog this thread up even further.


Well, its still in the area, the region. Half of New Zealand is in Oceania and half of it is not. Anyways, just choose witch airline. Also, that argument was useless.

Sincerely, IFS


Would you rather…

  • Only be able to fly regional jets on long haul routes (making stops as needed)
  • Fly massive widebodies into small airports that cannot take them

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In the process of flying a 737 YSSY to EGLL, quite the challenge having to be at the device every 7 hours

Better than trying to land a 747 at NZQN


Which would you rather have?

  • Helicopters in Infinite Flight
  • Balloons in Infinite Flight

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I think it will be pretty obvious what @Balloonchaser will choose…



  • Control KLAX with a heavy flow of traffic but 2/3 pilots ignore your instructions and do whatever they want?(ie. requesting a decent while finishing that same descent and landing without clearance)
  • Control KPHX with little to none traffic at times but very organized, rule-oriented pilots?

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That is what I would do, control KPHX.

That is basically me when I control KSJC on TS. So peaceful, unlike KSFO


Which do you want reworked:

  • Airbus a330-300
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 777 family

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  • McDonnell Douglas (Yes I know they are gone)
  • Bombardier

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McDonnies! We need more than just triholers.