Would You Rather: IF Edition


@Delta319, don’t forget that Infinite Space means 3D planets as well. But yeah, I want a nice realistic Earth.

@Matt02 I agree with your selection because I have no interest in becoming an astronaut whatsoever, but I have an interest in becoming a pilot. Anyways, the galaxy is being partially discovered so that’s how far Infinite Space could go. Any further, maybe we could discover stuff inside Infinite Flight!!! XD

Yup, my imagination XD


If Infinite Space was created and didn’t cost a ton of $$$ then I would get it. TBH, IF is pretty expensive (I get why, but it is a little crazy).


Infinite Space created as an update to Infinite Flight. I didn’t specify if it would cost a lot or at all XD

Just think of Infinite Space as a revolutionary update to Infinite Flight like Infinite Live when multiplayer was first introduced


No one would use Infinite Space because it would take so. much. time.


Would you rather…

  • Have Infinite Flight on PC
  • Have Infinite Flight on Console

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If this were to happen, it would take a long time.


Would you Rather

  • Have ten raccoons on your Spirit flight
  • Have one skunk on your Ryanair flight

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This is even more random…


Which Oceania airline would you rather fly…

Note: Please, ignore the blank option.

Reason: It won’t let me only have one option.

  • Qantas

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  • Jetstar

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  • Air New Zealand

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Next time don’t put a blank. 😂

I’ll change mine. I was just joking.


Please be serious about this. Stop choosing the blank option. Read the top.


Hey dude, you know that you could just line up the pictures and at the bottom have the poll for all three airlines, right? That way, it’d be more organized!


Don’t have a blank option. SImple :)


You know this is supposed to be “IF Edition” anyway, right?


Couldn’t find a good IF pic.


Still has nothing to do with IF if you’re asking which airline we’d rather fly…


Would you rather want me to make a “Would You Rather RWA Edition”?


How much more idiotic is this thread going to get…Final Score… Raccoons = 0…Skunks = 0…well lookee here …we have a tie …next time Tasmanian Devils and Chupacabras.!!!

  • Have an Tasmanian Devil on a 12 hour flight on the same plane as you
  • Have El Chupacabra sit right next to you on a regular seat.

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Already did :).


I’d rather not get killed by an alien.


I searched what a “El Chupacabra” because I didn’t know what it was, and I clicked on images and I was shook, scared, creeped out, sooo.


It’s a mythical demon. Emphasize mythical. No need to fret.