Would You Rather: IF Edition


Depend if there is terrain. If so, I’d take the gear collapse and I wouldn’t crash. I could exit and still get s fair amount of flight hours
Opposite if no terrain


So basically the second option would be like GTA except the airports would look like {offensive word}


A flight simulatot isnt as good without its detailed airports and operating ramps in all favor of my oppinion


Would you Rather

  • Have Everyone on Your Frequency Answer With This Without Ghosting Ability:
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Have no Access to the Expert Server for a Week

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Seems uncommon, huh?


I have never even had expert server access so after a week I can go on expert? Score!


xD I get you but it’s for grade three people.


Infamous is still famous… in it’s own sinister way…but l would give that honor to the Caribbean Trinister !!!

  • Have no one listen while you control on TS
  • Have to ghost everyone while controlling on Expert

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The answer is quite obvious :)


Which mod do you like better? This is more meta.

  • schyllberg
  • MishaCamp

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You have only one aircraft out of the two to fly on. Which would you rather fly?

  • Boeing 747
  • Airbus A380

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Time for misha to up his game


Both. But Seb’s birthday was yesterday, so…


Oh…BURN!!! MishaCamp is a loner no one likes him lolol


Would you rather…

  • Never be able to have access on the Expert Server.
  • Have Global be deleted.

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Also, would you rather…

  • Meet all of the devs in real life.
  • Become Grade 5 in one week.

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Oof thats a good one, I mean if you meet the devs there is a good chance you could try and get them to add things you want, but grade 5 is grade 5 ;)


The 98% who said they’d rather have no Expert access could fly together on TS1.


Laura and the developers have decided to introduce a revolutionary new update to Infinite Flight. The staff and Flying Development Studios plans on releasing one of the 2 features:

Infinite Space

This will add a feature which will give users a chance to fly into space CORRECTLY not with a fighter jet. This means that different rockets will be added and you new space terrain along with high detailed planets will be added. This means you could explore Saturn, Pluto, the universe basically without leaving your bed or whereever you play Infinite Flight. With this update, you can explore the whole known universe to your heart’s content.

Reformed Earth

This new update would feature a revolution to Earth in Infinite Flight. Earth will be highly detailed, trees, city lights, city buildings, even realistic city traffic so you can see cars driving on the streets as you are on final approach to an airport. This update would also introduce working people, 3D buildings, terminals, and other airport improvements including an airport entrance (where cars normally drop people off). Basically, everything and I mean EVERYTHING would be so high detailed, it is like there is a working world inside of your phone or tablet.

Due to the high amount of coding it would take to implement one of these, Laura and the developers would only introduce on of the features into Infinite Flight.

Which of the 2 features would you like to see in Infinite Flight?

  • Infinite Space
  • Reformed Earth

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Obviously this is not possible at this time. It is just a would you rather question.


Duh everyone wants 3d stuff


How would they be able to implement ‘Infinite space’ when we’ve hardly even discovered what the galaxy holds at this time? This is my reason for voting for ‘Reformed Earth’ (And the fact that I, like lots of people on this forum, want to be a pilot one day!)