Would You Rather: IF Edition


That has happened at a local airport in Nevada. Pretty hard especially since that airport was class Bravo


Just thought of this while flying to Singapore.

Have global but only:

  • Pre-global scenery
  • Global WSSS like scenery (low quality)

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Spirits the Ryanair’s American sister, and it’s even worse. (Spirits water is five usd, and their carry on fee is as much as the ticket, and their seats are awful, and theyre operated like garbage, while Ryanair is only a bit better.)


Would you rather…

  • Have IF Pro for free but you have to pay for every plane
  • Revert back to Pre-Global and have Live+ for free and earn money as you fly

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I have great spotting from my bedroom window. That’s beyond great.


Would you rather:

  • Be able to control Tower and Ground, but never be able to control Radar Facilities.

  • Be able to control Radar Facilities, but never be able to control Tower and Ground.

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It all depends on how much I get paid


Your check is now in the mail…post back here when you get it !!!


Would you rather:

  • Global is removed
  • Can only ever fly an A318

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Would you Rather:

  • Only fly in the Los Angles reigon
  • Only fly in the London reigon

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  • Be a beta tester and test new aircraft before everyone else
  • Introduction of community made mods

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Gliding is fun m8…


I’m very surprised at the outcome of this poll. Being a beta tester means you’re testing something that isn’t fully complete/ready for sale, which means it most likely has a few major and several minor flaws which ruins the fun of it. This means that you’ll probably only get to try the perfect model only weeks before everyone else. Why not just wait? Community made mods on the other hand would be game changing. This can range from small things like a first officer view, to taxi-way lights, to something a little more complex like clouds or SID/STAR implementation all the way up to 3D buildings, working instruments, etc; the possibilities are endless. Idk, maybe it’s just me, but I like to put a lot of thought into these polls. It makes the topic more interesting.


It is a fairly well known foible… so to speak of mankind…that one will usually prefer to take the path of least resistance… not particularly taking a little extra time to see the advantages of deeper thought !!!


With community mods, everyone would already have the A330 Rework and A350 lol


I’m know I’m resurrecting, but what did @nickchan do?


He was the most infamous troll in IFC history. What didn’t he do?


You wouldn’t make that much money from flying in those ant-sized regions. Unless you only flew the SuperD


I know this would never happen but here it goes!

  • Original good looking 3D airports of major cities with working airport cars (pushback, luggage service, gates moving, people leaving and entering aircraft etc.)
  • Real Scenery (including houses, roads, moving cars, street lights etc.) all around the world but no 3D airports

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TBH if you can do streetlights I would be in complete awe.