Would You Rather: IF Edition


Those are for the views. Swiss does not troll on the expert.


that is true. but I love Swiss and all the videos he has made. all of them are either funny or they are actually informative.


Guys let’s keep it on topic, please. Thanks.


yeah. sorry for the off topic. just a quick discussion.


I’m aware this is IRL aviation, but it’s a good one:

  • Live at a nice small airport with great spotting and decent regional service
  • Live near a massive busy international airport with run down terminals and bad spotting

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  • Fly regionally once every year but thoroughly enjoy it (Build the hype all year)
  • Be Forced to fly every other day (all routes and aircraft) for the rest of your life

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I really wouldn’t mind the first one. I love flying


My dream is to become a pilot. I’m fine with flying every day!


Had an error in my previous poll (the “show who voted” thing took forever to load and I didn’t even want that so as to avoid arguments)

  • Have Airbus planes and Live with Global for free
  • Have Boeing planes and Live with Global for free
  • Have all planes that are neither Airbus nor Boeing and Live with Global for free
  • Just pay for all IF-related services

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Ya know what… why not.

Would you rather…

  • Pilot either a B747 or an A380 (your choice) once in you life
  • Pilot a Cessna 182 every weekend

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This is in IF, right?

If you did mean real life however, as long as it’s paid for I’m down


Hey, IF is important, but if your crush text you, WAKE UP BRO WHAT EVEN IS IF ANSWER THAT TEXT YES I WILL DATE YOU!!!


Would you rather

  • Fly with @Swiss once and get recognized
  • Fly with Laura forever and never get recognized

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  • Be CEO of A 1 ⭐️Rated Airline but have earn tons of money…
  • Be A Regular Pilot on a 5 ⭐️ Rated Airline and only earn 5$ A day…

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Most would go for the money choice… Because that’s all what people care about these days…


I think mostly everyone will choose the Pilot option because 99% of this forum wants to be a Pilot because of passion and not money.


Or you can be like me and be a nobody on IF and have no friends in real life!! Hahahah


If you’re the controller at London City, would you rather…

  • Having aircraft that doesn’t know what expedite means
  • Having aircraft that does 250 GS final

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I got both today :)


Would you rather…

  • Have all the planes in Infinite Flight reworked (Every single one) and not have another aircraft added for another year and a half.
  • Have the top 5 most voted aircrafts (Based off Feature Requests) added to the game (Top Notch Quality) but not have any other planes currently in IF ever reworked (There would still be updates within IF).

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  • Fly Ryanair
  • Fly Air Koryo (while attending a North Korea tour (yes, these exist IRL, but I wouldn’t suggest it))
  • Fly Spirit
  • Control at EGLL with 35 inbounds, 45 outbounds, and 10 trollers

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I would choose the 5-minute, 2-minute one because, well, just,… Fly on the casual server!