Would You Rather: IF Edition


The bogey tilt is really irrelevant in terms of physics, plus it’s like that in every aircraft. Regarding the AP, the bouncing is like 10-15 feet so it is really insignificant for me.

I didn’t quite understand your comment about flaps though.

  • Ran out of fuel
  • Engine failure

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Would you rather:

  • Control EGLL for 1 month
  • Control KLAX for 1 month
  • Control KJFK for 1 month

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Smaller community means you can bond more with members . You only have a few people instead of a bunch so you can take your time with stuff.


That happened to me and it was soo annoying


@BigBert10 and his beloved KSJC


Imagine that line of planes you would have to wait in…

All the more reason to be in it and take pics!

Anyways, would you rather…

  • Fly the super decathlonn for 1 year and get the highest position in a prestigious virtual airline
  • Fly any plane but always have the lowest rank in the worst VA

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I’d just leave the VA.


Yes but that would be the only VA you’d ever be in


Sorry, but A320 over anything!!

  • Lose the 737 Family, but keep A320 family
  • Lose the A320 family, but keep the 737 family

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Well not everyone likes VA so some may be happy


A320 all the way. Proud Airbus fan!


We are two! A320 with no doubt. I think Airbus should be shown some more love on IF


Casually has a 787 profile picture :)


I was expecting someone to mention that…


Adding a poll before this thread snowballs into an Airbus vs Boeing fight

  • Forget to set your NAV before going to sleep and wake up crashed 3,000 miles off course with 6 violations, and Laura happened to witness it all
  • Come home from school/work/wherever and see your sibling/kid crash landing at 450 KIAS, at an airport with a moderator holding short and getting ghosted

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Violations over ghosts 9/10.


I guess alot of people are patient.


you don’t troll? what about the videos that you make. I’m just curious. not being mean.


If Laura witnessed it all, I don’t care if I get judged.