Would You Rather: IF Edition


Can I choose neither?

Don’t get me wrong, Laura is a great developer. But that’s just what she is. I don’t think of her as a friend nor a role model, and I certainly don’t support some other things about her.


Feel free not to vote :)

I can’t change the poll anymore XD


777 has bad physics? Obviously you haven’t flown “the bobber.” A-321


I know, I’ve experienced it firsthand


Haha. I once wasn’t paying attention to IF while flying, and after it was bobbing for some time, I came back and we were in a dead flat spin toward to earth. Great Stuff.


Which unsafe Trijet would you want to be stuck in?

  • McDonnell-Douglas DC-10
  • McDonnell-Douglas MD-11
  • Lockheed L-1011
  • Boeing 727

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B727 all the way…that’s the iconic one :P


Pretty hard - I guess

  • 3 consecutive Game crashes after 10+ hour flights
  • Never being able to play IF again

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  1. Flies over my house everyday and hasn’t had any problems yet.


If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t goin XD


Which would you rather be in?

  • Be the owner (CEO) of a small VA. (Has about 10 or so members)
  • Be part of the best and most prestigious VA.

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  • A350
  • B787

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Same, they fly over my house to the Bermuda.


A350 for life.
Best. Plane. Ever.


Ok, the 77W is almost as bad. It just doesn’t stall


Why do you think the 777 has terrible physics? In my opinion it has some of the best physics in the sim.


Oshkosh was the bomb, don’t hate


I’m not going to even vote, this is going to start a war or something.


Yeah, I agree also, but I can see where he’s coming from. It bobs on AP a little and the flaps don’t really raise your altitude if you deploy them at higher speeds (not sure if this makes sense), plus the landing stage can be a little…awkward, for lack of better word. It floats for a while and that triple bogey without tilt seems unrealistic.


Ok… you didn’t have to vote