Would You Rather: IF Edition


I am aware that they have connections :)

Let’s suppose they were emirates operated 737s.


Strap a bed to the floor.


I’d go with the outside view.


That sounds like I am 24/7 trolling…


Swiss001? or are you a troller?

  • Control an airport with 1/2 planes and sit back relax
  • Control an airport with 30+ planes and sweat about the traffic

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I am the real one. But I don’t actually troll


Okay and I just messaged you lol


If I become IFATC, I would be ground and tower at underserved airports only. If USA is featured on a day, I would only be doing KSJC


Well I mean 30+ aircrafts is nice to have. The most important is to not panic. If you’re good and don’t panic it’s nice to have a lot of traffic. Always better than waiting and doing nothing…

Also never sit back and relax even if there are no planes. If there are more than two planes always be checking to see what’s happening and if they’re doing something ghostable… if there are no aircrafts well still keep an eye on inbounds and try to make a plan or check the charts terrain etc…


Depends… TS1 or Expert?


Yeah, I’m a little bored and I always wanted to create a poll, so I’m trying this now:

Would you rather:

  • …have all planes deleted except for the C-17 Globemaster
  • …have Global deleted and Oshkosh being the only available region

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That is by far the hardest question I have ever seen on this topic.


Very true. Lots of good ones but this is easily the hardest


Would you rather…

  • Be loved and popular on this community but remain a regular
  • Be hated on this community but become a moderator

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You’d get bored within days and start lining up to get KLAX when no one is there


Meh, I don’t mind. I’m more into flying, so I won’t be ATC much, maybe just enough to remain in IFATC. I’d rather do underserved airports than popular ones.


Let’s see…

  • Lose all planes on IF except the C-17 and FA-18 (no animations)
  • Only fly the 777 family with their horrible physics
  • Only fly the a320 family
  • Only fly the 737 family

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737 everyday. It’s my favorite aircraft in real life, so why wouldn’t I? Also, the 777 doesn’t have that bad physics.


I’m fine with only the 737 family. The 737 is my favorite airplane.