Would You Rather: IF Edition


I wanna fly with Mods, but the high chance i’d screw something up is too high


If you mess up in front of a YouTuber they could upload it for everyone to watch! However if you mess up in front of the mods it’s only a small group of people.


Would You Rather…

  • Be a popular and respected Infinite Flight Moderator, IFC Moderator, and beta tester, but have no friends outside of IF
  • Be a TS1 troll and demoted IFC basic user who is hated by every Infinite Flight player, but be popular and respected in real life

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In ten years, we will all know the real answer.


The 2nd part of the 1st one is sort of my life. :)


@CathayPacific but you’re a regular, and nobody really hates anyone on here (I think?)


Idk… there’s a few suspended users that some people don’t like (idk, they’re probably suspended for a reason 🤷🏼‍♂️)


Right, that’s because they were doing something wrong. If you know you haven’t done anything bad, then there really isn’t a reason to hate (a pretty strong word) anyone.


Would you rather…

  • Have Laura come to your birthday party
  • Go to Laura’s birthday party

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Alright, another one:
Would you rather fly on:

  • Spirit
  • RyanAir
  • United

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I haven’t had a birthday party in 7 years.


Even if you were just born now…you will still be long dead and buried before any of the suspended users ever return …and IF will probably only be remembered in a time capsule …unless we can find away to live past two hundred very soon…and do not become unnecessarily irradiated !!!


Whats the difference… either way you get to meet Laura !!!


But would you rather want Laura to attend your special event or you attending Laura’s special event? That is the question


Be kinda freaky if she came to mine…
Oh the questions my parents would ask…


Other one. :P I should have put that.



  • Fly in a CRJ with seats
  • Fly in a 777 without seats (You have to sit on the ground for 10+ hours)

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  • Fly Ryanair 777
  • Fly Emirates 737

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I don’t even know anymore…😂😂😂


It’s called FlyDubai. The unofficial Emirates Regional.