Would You Rather: IF Edition


I’d probably just go around


I live in California so I’m used to Earthquakes.


You live in California?

We have got to take this to a PM in a few minutes


Ok PM me whenever my mailbox is open 😊


Speaking of the earth moving did you know that if a 150lb man jumped from 3meters the force he exerted on the earth (which is much less than the worth exerted on him) all this based around nutons 3rd law, he would move the earth about an 800th the with of a proton!
But I digress, lest not get too off topic🙃


I have had those ‘About to land” interruptions so many times.

Like you have the whole 10 hour flight to tell me something but you call or whatnot right on final. Usually my parents


Always my parents, but usually I can just say “yo I’m on IF right now call on the landline” and they will


Pretty much what I do. I go into Do Not Disturb settings and I change it so no calls can get through (just turn the “repeated calls” off). Then tell parents to call the landline/home phone and you’re set.


So the majority would rather take the shenanigans of those two airports if you can fly any aircraft. Okay, then.


I can deal with earthquakes. We have one every 0.0004 seconds here in Santiago.

And in any case, you still have auto land.


When I see people that didn’t vote the same thing as me:



Its a good thing that nutons 3rd law had nothing to do with anything nukelar …or else E=mc squared might have been the wrong equation …and Einstein would have still had a piece of chalk between his fingers !!!


I play on a fast device and pay for pro anyway so…


If there’s a tornado, you can just ESCAPE on takeoff roll. Or you can hold short until it passes. Depends on where the tornado is.

EDIT: @Cbro4 I was assuming he meant if you were flying on a plane IRL.


Which would you fly?

  • MD-11
  • A350
  • 777

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What do you mean by “escape”? If there’s a tornado, I’m heading to the basement pronto.


Would you rather…

  • Only fly enjoyable flights on Live outside of ATC regions
  • Fly on Live within ATC regions, but always have a 50% chance of being trolled by @Swiss

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EDIT: for the first option, you also have an equal chance of getting trolled by @nickchan
EDIT: for the second option, ghosting would not exist for Swiss001.


Most of my flights are without ATC since I don’t follow where the IFATC schedule goes to. I also fly to underserved airports, mostly KSJC, and there is rarely any ATC there.


If Swiss tried to troll anyone he’d be on the training server for week


Would you rather…

  • Fly a group flight with a bunch of IF Youtubers
  • Fly a group flight with a bunch of IF Moderators, Staff, and Developers

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