Would You Rather: IF Edition


Well as the grade 5, I would rather do it in front of other grade 5s…


Here’s another one, because apparently I have nothing else to do:

wUd u rAthEr:

  • Fly the unreworked CRJ-200 for the rest of your life but get $4 for every flight
  • Fly all of the planes on IF like normal, but lose $0.50 each time you do

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I would just fly the CRJ until I have money to get XP11.


Would you rather…

  • Get paid to fly Infinite Flight
  • Get paid to fly in real life

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That’s a tuff one. If I would get payed for flying IF, I would be very rich xD
On the other hand, nothing is better than flying in RL/being a pilot.


whats so bad about ghosting you can just re enter


i’ve actually has that happen i just tried to wrap the call up asap so i could land and sure enough i was able to land


Incorrect. When you get ghosted, you can’t return to the expert server for a week.


a week that’s not that bad just find some other way pass time. until you can join again…now a month or a year that’s a totally different story if you know what i mean


Not surre. Before the update I used to be able to choose to ghost for the session, 60 Minutes and I think a week. (I was always nice and gave 60 Minutes or session just to not see the guy anymore. Anyway this is getting of topic a pm is better


Would you rather…

  • Fly with a really slow device and get Pro for free
  • Fly with a really fast device and pay for Pro

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the slow phone would be so so glitched and almost really hard to play


Would you rather…

  • Only be able to fly between KJFK and KLAX on TS1, with any aircraft
  • Be able to fly anywhere, on any server, but with a Super Decathlon

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Well I guess I have to explain my decision. 🤣🤣

I honestly don’t care if I lag a little or have long wait times. My iPad is pretty fast but when I play on my phone it is pretty slow, but I’m still able to fly.


Or they use a tablet for IF


F-18 Ewwwwwww!!!


This is like the fourth one I made in this topic, considering its mine that seems a bit too little so…
Would you rather:

  • Only Fly Boeing in IF
  • Never be able to fly a Boeing again In IF

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Note: This is only for Boeing Aircraft, not for any aircraft that are closely affiliated with Boeing or are owned by them.


If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t goin


Would you rather…

  • Have an earthquake IRL while you are on final
  • Have a tornado IRL while you are on your takeoff roll

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I’m not being depressing, but


Just disconnect. It’s like that time my joystick disconnected on takeoff roll with @anon88794458 and @MishaCamp on expert.