Would You Rather: IF Edition

Would you rather…
  • Fly only routes that are 100% over land for 10 years (no lakes, rivers).
  • Fly only routes that are 100% over water for 10 years (except for the airport itself).
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Jeez that’s so hard

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eh, i could survive some transpacific and transatlantic flights. Still quite a bit of variety of ocean flights (possibly)

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As a glider pilot I usually land on grass. One time i landed on an ashfalt and boy the stress to keep the wings up until i stopped was crazy (i don’t want to pay some 3k to fix wingtips since the ASK-21B doesn’t have wing wheels)

Duh. CEO. That way i can make IF pro free forever (and to only donate)

You will go broke bro 💀

Infinite flight simulator is expensive to operate so I don’t know how that will work

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What kina question is dat. $20k?


I play the free version and it is not so bad but I wish I could play pro

Bro… why even asking the question…

10$ a month is 120$ a year so it would take you 166 years of to reach 20K…

Honestly people these days… Running a Mobile Flight Sim takes time and work You cant expect them to make new aircrafts and 3D airports without a source of income!!

$120? You guys realize you can get a 1 year subscription for $80 right?

Its $120 a year for Australia and im sure it is the same in some other countries!

You could save almost 4,000 dollars if you bought it yearly every year.

Are you renewing it monthly?

I just renewed mine a couple of days ago for a years worth and it was $120 AUD.

Ok that makes more sense since the conversation is $80 usd

it is also 120 USD in the US

Only if you get it monthly

On iOS, you get 3 options for pro

wait, i never knew this