Would You Rather: IF Edition


Would you rather

  • Fly to an underserved airport (KSJC, KOAK, KIAH, KMEM, etc) with ATC
  • Fly to a popular airport (KSFO, KLAX, LFPG, KMIA, etc) with Unicom

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Would You Rather- Real Life Scenarios

I would answer the text on my macbook and keep flying on IF non disturbed


I’m sorry, but if I have a crush or gf in this example, then you know I’m deep into a dream.


It’s almost sad how many people say they’ll continue a landing. It’s just an 18hr flight, do another one if you crash


😂 @Captain_Zen is the only one that chose GA


Not anymore, high five @Captain_Zen. 👏

  • Completely and utterly stuff up a landing (e.g. spin out, bounce around…) on Expert server in front of a bunch of grade 5’s
  • Completely and utterly stuff up a landing (e.g. spin out, bounce around…) on Training server whilst trying to show off in front of a bunch of grade 2’s

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The grade 2’s will think that’s part of your plan ;)


It was by design


I’m different😉. Ga is so cool you can fly in the mountains explore places and have a nice view of the scenery. Who likes clicking on a button then leaving the device on ap. that’s boring you don’t enjoy it. With ga you have fun also with winds and weather in general. It’s more challenging.

@Trio we’re the only ones that understand what aviation is really about 😉


Then you should join the GA club😋, I also understand what you mean, around 75% of all my flights are in GA aircraft.


I love GA, but I would rather fly Jets in IF. If it was IRL, then yeah GA all the way. You shouldn’t trust me in a flight deck, quite yet. 😉


@Davidk I suggest not being so ‘careless’ about everything and perhaps contributing to the community in a more productive way rather than comment things that have absolutely no point ;)


You can land the aircraft, and then answer the text, right?


If she isn’t your crush yes

  • “Which virtual airline would you guys rather like to see?”
  • “Avianca Airlines”
  • “Carribean Airlines”

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Holding pattern are nightmares, at Ethiopia, I was holding for 30 min.


Would you rather:

  • Be stuck in a holding pattern for 45min to an hour
  • Wait in the taxi line for 45min to an hour

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Wouldst thou rather

  • Be strictly limited to fly to/from KLAX, EGLL, KJFK, or OMDB on TS1(The one way ticket to the nut house)
  • Only be allowed to fly KIAH-LTBA on expert (Typically a lonesome route)

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Clearly the nearly half of people who said keep flying have never actually gotten a text from a crush… it’s not worth it…