Would You Rather: IF Edition

Would you rather
  • A330 rework first
  • E Jet rework first
  • A220 be added first

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A330 - butter factory 🥰🥰

idc about butter. i never do long flights so it’s a220 for me

You’re trying to deny that Cathay flies from VHHH to RCTP with the 330

why is this flagged

Not my problem
I don’t know

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Someone else read it and flagged

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I like reworks before new aircraft

And we have a lot of long haul planes already, so e-jets

757: am I a joke to you

True though

757s tend to fly medium haul routes, I would like a regional jet to be reworked

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  • Spend 2d20h controlling with casual-type users while your device is begging you to stop controlling
  • Become Grade 6 but you’re in 19.4

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I always have a massive headache after controlling 30min on TS KLAX
So my choice is obvious

old callsigns are better than 2d20h of controlling

I cant imagine flying or controlling without procedures now

Plus controlling is fun

You’re IFATC if I’m not mistaken
Fun on ES
Training is a totally different story

Go to the airport charts and enter the approach waypoint manually

You’d also have to manually calculate when you descend

Would you rather:
  • Have 3 airports of your choice get 3D buildings
  • Have an aircraft of your choice added/reworked

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