Would You Rather: IF Edition

I mean the camera tower

  • Use Runway 26 for takeoff at PHTO
  • Use the smaller runways (03, 21) for takeoff

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How to determine to position of the tower?

Which Famous WWII Fighter would you rather have added?
  • Bf-109
  • P-51
  • Fw-190
  • Me-262
  • A6M Zero
  • F4F
  • F6F

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Would you rather:

  • Bring back custom callsigns
  • Keep the realistic rules
  • Something in the middle (i.e. there being some kind of system where it strongly recommends country callsigns, but doesn’t enforce them)

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Here’s some context


If im a smaller aircraft then i would take off or even the 717

  • Takeoff a 737 or A320 from SABA (can be 0 pax, 0 cargo and just the fuel needed for the takeoff (like 2mins or so))
  • Takeoff an A380 from LHR, but its overweight (max fuel, max pax & max cargo)

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Can be on solo cuz yeah…

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I can takeoff with a 777 lol

I have taken off with an A380 from Saba before 😂

@GBKarp saw it too 😂

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lol…how was it?

Pretty good actually… had a mini stall after rotation but managed to recover 😂

nice… :)

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What tri-jet would you rather add?

  • Boeing 727
  • Lockheed L-1011
  • Tulpolev TU-154
  • Hawker Sydney Trident

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I would love the TU-154 to be in but…I think the 727 is more iconic

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Which original Jet Airliners would you rather add:

  • Boeing 707
  • Douglas DC-8
  • Sud Aviation Caravelle
  • De Havilland Comet 1
  • Tulpolev TU-104
  • Ilyushin IL-62

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The TU-154 also just completed its last passenger flight the other day. 😕

Sad times for the classics.

If and when IF reworks the 767, should the 767-200 be added?

  • Yes
  • No

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dude… use google.com smh

keep the realistic callsigns, learn to get creative people!

I hate having some random dudes on ATC just sit there AFK!! It’s like, dude, you need to hop off of ATC when you go AFK!