Would You Rather: IF Edition


😂 Haha, funny!


@Nico_1 You might want to check the totorial videos out. They include everything there is to know about the expert level.


The point I was making is that I’m not a controller.


Would you rather:

  • Add clouds
  • Add more realistic sounds
  • Add taxiway lights
  • Add 3D buildings (terminal/concourses)
  • Add ground services (pushback cart, fuel truck, etc.)

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  • 1 have animated cockpits in every aircraft
    1. Have super realistic cabin in every aircraft
  • 3 Wingflex on every aircraft

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Taxiway lights all the way


Lol think about how the 777 would look with wingflex… BEAUTIFUL!!!


You never said you were banned for a bad reason from the community. It could have been a “glitch” In that case, the mods will let you make another account.


True, but most of these have loopholes, so you just kind of have to understand what they meant😉


Would you rather:

  • Line up and wait for half an hour
  • Have to go around 5 times before landing

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Would you rather:

  • Every Pilot and ATC is perfect
  • Every aircraft has a working cockpit

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I’d rather have every pilot and ATC be perfect because I always have this recurring pet peeve of someone not coming into KSFO correctly and ATC making you fly unrealistically


Would you rather…

  • Fly on Expert server, but on a very small phone. (see pic)
  • Fly on Casual server, but with a big iPad Pro.

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And NO, you can’t AirPlay your device on a TV or bigger screen 😏


I’d rather not risk a small phone as I would screw up on the expert server…


Do you get the device, or is it just a one time thing?


Would you rather:

  • Not have IF live for 6 months
  • Be banned from Expert and Training for 1 year

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  • Play IF with an IPod (just pretend there is this app on IPod’s app store), but with Prepar3d graphics, multiplayer, and with NO Crashes and bugs.
  • Play IF with an IPad Pro, but with old IF graphics and with a ton lot of crashes and bugs.

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Inspired by:


Who says P3D has good graphics?


Who says IF has good graphics? Oh wait. No one.


Well, aircraft graphics on the newer aircraft are pretty great. It’s the scenery that’s the problem.