Would You Rather: IF Edition


  • Run ATC for 30 minutes and have people spam requests until answered? (Volume has to be ON and no ghosting)
  • For thirty minutes, wait 5 minutes for the Ground ATC to respond and 2 minutes for Tower ATC to respond?

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Thought this would be fun :)

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A few moonshots

The top one is what I had to do the other day on the training server, Why? The idiot doing ATC wouldn’t respond to any requests of mine but was giving instructions to everyone else so I had to pushback, taxi, takeoff and land without clearance because I got not a single instruction which annoyed me so I spammed him 😂


Easy answer, I’d rather deal with busier than LA freeway spam requests than spend thirty minutes waiting for some lazy air traffic controller to get back from his “COFFEE” break.

  • Best flight into busy airport
  • Worst flight into not a busy airport

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But I love busy airports.


For the first poll I say the second option for waiting for ATC to respond. I could just go to something like draw for five minutes.

  • Slide off the runway during a takeoff on the expert server
  • Be tower controller at KLAX on TS1 for half an hour

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I would probably break my iPad in rage if I controlled at KLAX for an hour. And for sliding off the runway on expert, well, we all make mistakes.

  • Only be able to fly in the C172 for a week
  • Only fly in OskKosh for a month

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Try this one :)


If I get a C or below on a test or quiz, I always punish myself my controlling KLAX for an hour after school.

I’m not even kidding.


With Global I wouldn’t care about where I have to fly. But if I had a Cessna 172… I wouldn’t be going anywhere fast!


Better yet, KLAX Departure and Approach. XD


I’ve controlled at KLAX TS1 for an hour before. You’ll get people that want to take off from three runways at once, people who ask for frequency changes when you already told them to get out, and… control there and find out.


If this was the Super D it would be even more fun :)

  • Say unable to Expert ATC because his instructions will let you straight into a mountain
  • Apply his command and go 300KN and pull up hard to avoid the mountain (You are low so less than 300 would lead to your stall trying to pull up)

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The top one - because that is common sense.


The ATC ghosts everyone that says UNABLE.


Well, they shouldn’t.


This ATC likes to do it will do it 100%


We don’t like to ghost anyone for fun. If you have any problem with an IFATC PM him/her or a ATC moderator.