Would you rather fly on your phone or iPad?


Sorry but I do not see the relationship between the title of your subject and what you say.

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He is saying he just bought a new IPad and it is good he likes it more than flying on a phone @FKMX

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I have alway flown on my iPad. I can’t imagine trying to fly with a small phone screen.


I agree. After using my iPhone, I purchased an iPad Mini 4, IF runs exceptionally well. Always have to crackle when people complain about connectivity/lag.


I definitely prefer the iPad. It‘s way better for ATC as well (at least in my opinion).

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I tend to butter my landings on iPhone then my iPad… I feel like I have more control on the phone

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Ipad all the way

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To many “Would you rather” “Whats your favorite” Topics these days.🤨


Sorry to disappoint my friend 🤷🏽‍♂️ Just staying in conjunction with our community thats all. 😊


I like to fly on big phone but not iPad because maybe too big to bring it along

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True small is good for patterns for numerous reasons


Personally, I’d rather fly on my phone because my iPad is kinda old and can’t handle being in an airport with more than 5 aircraft😕 My phone is really good at running IF though.


I would rather fly on my Samsung smart fridge


That actually works? 🤔🥴


It may be.

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I don’t want to make people feel that they disappointed me, but just stating it. Also I would use an I-pad if I had one.

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I don’t mind To be honest I’m good with what I have which is an IPhone 7 not too good but not too bad it handle IF with highest settings and I think playing on an iPad would be too hard since the screen would be too big in my experience with trying it out on me Friends it was just bad the buttons are too far apart from each other sometimes or my hands are probbaly just too small idk but yea I’d prefer my phone but maybe I’m just used to it and also when I played on the iPad I never made a good landing unlike on here my small device again probbaly cuz I’m used to a small phone

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How about an iPad Mini

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iPad bc phones are too small and cramped. They are also unstable compared to an iPad pro 12 inch.

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Had the latest IPAD MINI and a total waste. It runs very very slow. Wouldn’t recommend it.