Would you rather fly on your phone or iPad?


So I just bought the latest iPad pro 12.9" and by far IF is running perfectly! I also bought an adapter to connect to my computer monitor and it looks so beautiful. Definitely recommend investing in an iPad if you can!


I like flying on the iPad more because of the size of the display. On my phone everything is cramped, whereas on the iPad it’s easier to use, in my opinion at least. I Italy agree with you, an iPad for Infinite Flight is definitely worth it.


iPad iPhone is so small

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I would definitively fly on Ipad. It’s a bigger screen, better gameplay, and it’s better for your eyes!

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I use my phone because I don’t have an iPad, but I think if you had both, it would be better to use the iPad because the phone is too small and you don’t need to bring a charger with you every time you do a flight.


Obviously iPad…more control

I use my phone for other things and it is just too small to handle IF


Any options on the iPhone XS Max, does the improvement in screen size make a big enough difference?

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I don’t really know much but I think it would probably be the same as an iphone Xs. But I can be wrong.


I would rather fly on my IPad. The larger screen is necessary for critical things that you have to do in flight.


I flew on my phone at the beginning but quickly found that being without my phone was quite boring specially on long hauls. I took my iPad I didnt use and tried IF on it and worked perfectly. Have been using the iPad ever since.

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Anyone else here prefer to use there iPhone ?😭😂

Just not the biggest fan of the button placements and keep doing silly mistakes on the iPad but still sometimes use an iPad


I have IPad pro 12.9 and recently bought usb c 16inch touch screen portable monitor for samsung Dex. Nealy bought 22inch lol! I can fly on the monitor if i want. But i think ipad pro is the parfect size. After flying in ipads you wont go back to phones.

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AGREED! I doubt I ever go back to iPhone 😂

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iPhone. I played on an iPad for a few years but I got my first phone last year. Ever since then, I’ve been using it and I prefer it a lot


I’m getting an iPad soon.
I need it for IF since my IF Phone (Lil IP5s) Is chocking on it’s own RAM.

I think I might go for the iPad 9.7 6th Gen 2018 model, is it good though?

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My hands aren’t big enough for an iPad. 😂😂😂

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I tried a test flight (on casual of course)on my iPhone X/10/whatever you want to call it to see if you can use your phone here and there while flying, I’d just exit out of the the app in the background and made a few calls and texts here and there to test it out and had success.

Just letting you folks know that you can use your phone if you feel brave so you don’t have to be without it all day. I took off on my lunch break from Dublin and landed in Providence when I got home.


Phone I would say

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By far the iPad, the phone I only use for touch and go’s.

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Definitely IPad never flown on Phone it looks to small.

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