Would you own this plane?

What do you guys think of that? Would you own a private plane like this? Although there really isn’t one, just post your opinions:)

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Nooo… nooo…
I cannot imagine the feel costs.


No lol would just bring me a few places

The running cost of that plane😳😵

  1. It’s an Airbus
  2. Unnecessarily big
  3. Waste of money

I would definitely not own this. It has a risk of crashing I think. It would be EXPENSIVE too. And also at the deck 3, you would feel airsick.

Does Airbus pride themselves on making stupidly big planes?


How would that thing conceivably get off the ground? It probably would take thousands just to get it taxiing speed. My goodness that’s a behemoth lol. So to answer your question, absolutely not.

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They made A380

That’s why I say it

Better known at the a388 or a31000

No way. Wouldn’t fit on many airports

Still a waste of money

Agreed with you lol.

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For my, it is impossible to even fill an A330.

I would. I’d renovate it into a house, and me and my whole family can live their and not bump into each other for days. It’d be cheaper than running it, that’s for sure.

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No, way to big, and bulky. Plus I don’t like the 6 engines. I like 2,3,4 engines but not 6.

I’d also sell the engines, that’d cover the renovation costs.

Nah, it’s too big…

No. I would not.