Would you like a private VA?

Hello, This is a poll for statistics. How many of you would like a private jet virtual airline?

  • Yes, I would definitely join!
  • Cool, I dont think i will join though
  • No, I dont think we need one

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It depends highly on the structure, are you free to fly wherever, do you simulate charter flights, what aircraft will be available, if your not free to pick a route what will decide routes to fly ect

And can you please specify… private?

I believe he means a VO using IF private liveries

I mean like a business jet something like netjets is.

This would be a good idea. Would love to join if this gets approved!

Just letting you know that NetJets Virtual isn’t allowed as it is on the banned VAs list.

I am aware, Good to see you would like to join.


Yeah! Would be really nice to fly the Challenger for a VA


If you could somehow replicate the Yearly Schedule that most High Value Individuals follow , i think that’d end up being an unique feature of its own
Wendover did a nice video on it

PS: HAI Still doesnt release a proper video on Bricks

In which quarry are we talking about like a private jet Club?

it would be nice to see this. I know with the pandemic, private flights blew up so it would be cool to see.

Sadly, As i sold my ipad i no more play IF. So this idea got scrapped. Anyone wants to continue, DM me. I have a website and everything ready for upload.

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