Would you hand fly or auto land this?

Today we will have a pole! Who would hand fly this or who would auto land.

Picture the Sean, your in a CRJ-700, on a 10NM approach to London Heathrow runway 27R. Its pitch black, visible 10SM. Wing 250@14. You are on perfect center line and glide slope.

Would you disconnect your auto pilot and land manually or would you flick on the APRR and let the plane do the work. By letting the plane do the work you are letting it land and apply breaks. Your not disabling it on final. What would you do? Awnser in the pole.

  • Disable auto pilot, land myself.
  • Let the plane do the work, flick on APRR and relax.

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This is just interesting to se what other people would do, personally I would use the APRR.

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Handflight moral:

Landing in day? No problem! landing at night? No problem!


I dont like landing at night.


Using the ILS, it doesn’t rly matter day or night! I trust myself more than APPR lol


I do agree with you it’s hard to see when you are landing at night. But hand flying gives you more experience when flying. Teaches you how to land better that’s how almost all real pilots do it.


Definitely hand fly. Hand flying is what makes your flight enjoyable and I personally find it boring and dull to just turn on the autopilot as soon as I’m airborne. Hand flying is what makes your flight enjoyable, so I don’t engage the autopilot until at least I’ve climbed 5000-6000 feet, it’s the highlight of every flight for me, hand flying the takeoff and landing and you’re never going to improve at your landings if you just use APPR all the time. I have never used APPR before, whether it’s foggy, windy or dark apart from a few times on solo where I decided to try it out, and I plan to keep it that way. That’s just my opinion, I’m not saying it’s wrong to use APPR.


As long as visibility is good then there’s not really a reason to autoland.


Interesting results.

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@Will_A you would use auto land. Wow.

Ya know a solution to landing at night better is practicing… it’s honestly not challenging. Just learn how the airplane flies, and practice.

@Luke_King-kong mis-clicked, I would never 😖


@Will_A click show vote and vote again

RNAV approach would work well here

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mAybE iF tHerE wAs bEttEr ruNwaY liGhTinG.

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I’ve talked about this several times before all over IFC, but I am always willing to do it again.

Before any pilot learns to let a computer fly the plane, they learn must fly the plane themselves. I only let autopilot fly when I am not around and when I know everything will be ok. For completely beginners, APPR is a good idea for the time being just so they can see how it’s done properly. But It’s very good for pilot then to learn to fly landings themselves. Here is the list of when I use autopilot in aviation.
Pushback: Manual
Taxi: Manual
Takeoff: Manual
Post takeoff: SPD, VS, and HDG
10000: SPD, VS, HDG, ALT, and NAV
Cruise: same as above
Descent: same as above
10000: SPD, VS,
Final: SPD
Flare: Manual


Reason #1 👆

Reason #2👆

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APPR (Autoland) only needs to be used for low visibility, and I should hope that everyone is competent enough to land at night with an ILS.


I would handfly.

If using the ILS:

  • Try to stick to the glide slope by varying engine power(There’s a tutorial in IF’s YT channel)
  • Localizer: Make minor corrections(avoiding pilot induced oscillation). Use rudder when necessary.

Visual approach:

  • At night, the PAPIs would be visible. Use them as your vertical guidance. You want 🔴⚪️.

⚪️⚪️ - Too high
🔴🔴 - Too low

  • In clear weather the runway would be visible. Again, minor corrections unless otherwise down to minimums.

At the end, the runway would be perfectly visible from 200ft and the rest is history.


Hand fly, it improves your ‘stick and rudder’ skills and as @TimShan05 said, it makes for a good experience.


Neither is realistic. Pilot use AP down to like 1000ft all the time in IFR conditions.

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Very true.

Have answered would land it myself but if weather was very bad would let auto pilot land. Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

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