Would you fly though Hong Kong?

Hi everyone.

I was recently searching for flights to Seoul where I will be going in late may or early June. One of the best options is on Cathay pacific. I’m still a ways out from purchasing tickets but I was wondering if you’d fly though Hong Kong due to the current political climate. Please check the answer that matches with you the best.

  • No I wouldn’t - fear of disruption
  • No I wouldn’t - boycott Cathay pacific
  • Yes!

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I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

I think is the best to keep out of the politics on the forum :D


Ok I wasn’t sure if this was too political, I’ll remove it

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As a native HK citizen, lately there has been no major news with Cathay Pacific (apart from the CEO retiring).

I think you will be fine, but I do not think your flight will be affected


That should be allowed (in the post). This guy wants to know the best option to make a safe trip to Seoul.


I’ve flown through Hong Kong b4, great airport and city. However, at the time there weren’t any political issues. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Yup thats fine just like not to get to much in those stuff :D

I sense the tension and controversy coming

I’ll delete the boycott option and then it should be fine

For now, I’d say you should avoid HKG to be safe. You don’t want to be unlucky and have a protest the one day you’re transferring through the airport. However, if cost is an issue, just go through HKG.

Currently, it’s evident that the worsening situation is affecting airlines. United announced yesterday that it will cut its ORD-HKG flight

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I can’t remove the boycott option🤦‍♂️

We try to stay away from the political topics! Thanks for understanding :)